Pegasus Cleaning Corporation

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide excellent janitorial services to government, schools, and commercial agencies with our cost-efficient pricing, meticulous and thorough custodial staff, and friendly, accommodating customer service for each client.
Cleaning Office Wearing Protective Coveralls

A Top-Notch Company

Pegasus Cleaning Corporation is a leading company in the field of facility management. We are strongly committed to excellence, which allows us to meet our clients’ changing needs. We believe that the quality of the customer is more important than the quantity of the clients. Let us provide you with custom quality management with minimal customer interaction at a fair cost.

Integrity is the foundation of our personal and corporate relationships. Our policy has always been to understand our clients’ valid requirements and expectations and build a contract around those specifications with minimal surprises down the road. We can ensure client satisfaction and completion of the scope as expected. Call us now to get a free quote!